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Sweet & Simple Valentines

A sweet lil’ valentine

I just had to share this sweetly simple valentine idea with you all. My daughter, who is 5, brought this home from kindergarten yesterday. Her physical therapist at school gave this to her and I thought it was so stinkin’ cute! Not to mention cheap and easy!! Plus, even if you’re not “crafty,” you can SO pull this one off. At first I thought it was supposed to be a bookmark, as it had two holes punched in it. (No ribbon when it arrived, I thought Heidi must have just ripped it out.) So, I added my own and took pics of it. Afterwards Miss Heidi informed me that it had had a Valentine’s pencil stuck in those holes. So, I took pics of her holding it with the pencil as well.

As a bookmark
As a cute pencil holder

How easy is this? Just get yourself some paint sample strips, preferably in Valentine colors. (Maybe you have some lying around already.) Put a cute heart or some other Valentine-y sticker on one of the squares, draw some hearts, punch a couple of holes along one side (if you’re going to put a pencil in it.) Punch one hole at the top center if you’re planning on doing a bookmark. Heidi’s PT teacher wrote her little message on the back of the sample strip, but you can write it wherever. Insert your pencil, or thread a ribbon through the hole(s). Ta-Da!! A quick, cute, easy, and cheap valentine!

Thanks Miss Jodi for the fab idea!

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