Craft/DIY Ideas

Repurposing a Plain T-Shirt:Idea #1

A plain cotton T

I love T-shirts, especially good old cotton ones. They are comfy, usually wash well, and one can find them ultra cheap, either at Goodwill, Wal-Mart, or hanging on a clearance rack. This particular one was found at AC Moore for $2! I wanted to try my hand at embellishing a plain T in some different ways, because let’s face it, this one looks boring. (So stay tuned, I plan on trying out more in the coming weeks!)

Step #1 in this T-shirt re-do: find a cute fabric that I already own to applique a design on the front. I happened to have a bit of this Alexander Henry “kali” design leftover from previous projects. This is a big, bold floral design in pinks and greens, a perfect match for my baby pink T. Plus, I am just a huge sucker for pink and green together.

One of my favorite fabrics.

As you can see here, I cut the fabric into 3 square/rectangles that showcase different florals in the design. I didn’t want them to look too “perfect,” so I didn’t measure or anything, just eyed it up.

pinning my design

Next, I laid out the 3 squares in a design that was pleasing to me and pinned them in the spot I wanted, right across the chest area. I didn’t take a pic of this, but I also cut out a large rectangle of light interfacing, slightly larger than my design, and also pinned it to the inside of my T. I read that this will help the design from puckering when I sew it.

Lastly, time to sew! I used a light green thread, set my machine to a zig-zag stitch and dropped my stitch length to .8. I am going for a sort of appliqued look, which I am new to. (By the way, I am still in the process of teaching myself how to sew. I purchased my first machine a couple of years ago, not even knowing how to do the bobbin!) I sewed in this manner around each square.

The final result!

The result? A new T, fun and floral for spring. Hopefully not too old-ladyish. Cheap to make as well! So go ahead, dust off your sewing machine and whip up a new design for your boring solid T.

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