Craft/DIY Ideas

Repurposing a Plain T-Shirt: Idea #2

A plain ribbed cotton tank

Who doesn’t have some of these lying in their closet or drawers? I love a good, basic ribbed tank for their comfort and versatility. Not only do I love to wear mine plain in the summer, I also wear them under cardigans, jackets, or just under other shirts that aren’t quite long enough (I am 5’10”, this IS a problem for me!) This particular tank is from Fashion Bug, so it was cheap and long enough for my comfort. Though I like the plummy purple color, I did wish for it to have a little embellishment.

Pretty spring-like fabric scraps, about to meet my scissors!

 I had seen a cute idea in a book called Sew Darn Cute by Jenny Ryan (I totally *heart* her ideas). So, me being a master copycat, decided to mimic her idea on this tank. She calls it a “necklace tank,” I guess becasue all the embellishment is around the neckline. I chose a few scraps that I had which seemed to match my purple tank and cut them all into a half-oval shape.

Lining up my design, ready to sew.

Then I proceeded to arrange the half-ovals along my tank’s neckline, then pinned all of them down. As for the edge actually along the neckline, I zig-zag stiched it once, then I actually went over it again, making my stitches smaller. For the curved portion of the half-ovals, I straight-stitched. This was just a bit tricky because of the curve and because of the knit cotton.

The end result, a "necklace tank."

All in all, this project was fairly simple to pull off. Cute and super cheap to make. I’ll have to experiment with more of these for sure, goodness knows I have plenty of these tanks in different colors. Now for some warmer weather to wear them in!

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