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My less than $5 Bathroom update

This is for all of you frugalistas out there. You know who you are! That’s ok, it’s actually pretty hip to be frugal right now. Here’s a little idea for anyone who is looking to update a bathroom in your house for super cheap. (Or you can steal some of the ideas for other rooms as well.)I did all of these ideas for less than $5–yes, you read that correctly. For ALL of them, in total, less than $5 to update the look of my bathroom.

Totally thrifted embroidery hoops!


The first area I dressed up was this wall. I have been picking up old embroidery hoops at thrift shops for a song–they were all 10 cents to 50 cents each. This is such an easy, quick idea for any blank wall in your home. I then took some pieces of fabric that I already had and sandwiched it in between the two parts of the hoop. The tiny hoop with the chocolate brown is actually part of a cable-knit sweater that I upcycled.

My 85 cent shower curtain.

The next area of focus was my shower curtain. I had had the same one for about the past 3 years. Even though I still loved it, I was ready for a little change. You can spend upwards of $20 or more for a new shower curtain, but I was inspired to do one of my own. I discovered this printed flat sheet at the Goodwill Bargain Room (one of my favorite places!) where everything in the bins is 85 cents. I sized up my old shower curtain, cut this one down to the appropriate size, and hemmed any raw edges. The final step for this was punching holes at the top for my rings (I was using the same rings as before). I have seen some really cute ideas with ruffles and such to embellish a shower curtain, but this print was so busy that I decided I better leave it alone.

The last update I worked on was this ruffled flower. I had seen the idea on and wanted to give it a whirl.

My ruffly flower

I took a frame from the Dollar Tree, took out the glass and cardboard inserts, and slipped a piece of fabric so that it is in front of the glass. For the flower itself, I cut long strips of cotton (they were maybe 1″ wide) and sewed a straight stitch set at the longest stitch length. If you want to try this out, do not backstitch at all. After stitching I pulled the thread from the underside (the bobbin thread) to make ruffles or gathers. These can be as loose or as tight as you wish. To form the flower, simply hot glue these lengths of ruffles in a circle, starting at the outer part and circling in to the middle. Done!

So, there you have it. A frugal, hopefully easy set of ideas for all of you diy girls. I used thrifted embroidery hoops, a flat printed sheet from Goodwill, fabric I already owned, and a picture frame from the Dollar Tree to update the look of my bathroom. Don’t you love saving $?

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