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Kids Peeps Bunny T-Shirt

Pink Peeps Bunnies

Remember these guys from a post several days ago? If not, check it out, I had made an Easter/spring bunting or garland from felt peeps bunnies. Well, I was busy cutting out these guys and my daughter was completely enamored with the pink ones. “I LOVE these!” she kept exclaiming (she is 5 and gets very excited about the dardest things). Anyway, I discovered a plain pink T in her stash of clothes and a lightbulb went on in my head. Scary, I know.

Another plain old T


I thought, why not sew up some of those pink bunnies on her T? How easy would that be, and I know she would be thrilled. Now, you may be thinking I don’t do anything special for my boys because I am always posting about my daughter. Hey, I have 4 boys and one girl smack dab in the middle of them all. She is my princess and girl stuff is just much more fun to have ideas for. Don’t worry, those boys get lots of spoiling anyway. I plan on doing a special project for them here soon.

So, I already had pink bunnies cut out from felt from several days back. There is a template you can print out from the tutorial on I just used one layer, not two like you do for the bunting. Now all I had left to do was pin and sew! I lined up 3 in a row, all in different shades of pink, pinned those bunnies on, and sewed around the edges. So very simple, and my little chiquita was thrilled. She even wore it to kindergarten today!

checking out her new T

Of course, no new outfit is complete without a pair of Barbie sunglasses. Apparently someone likes her new career as my model a little too much 😉

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