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Spring & Easter Framed Fabric Wall Art

Yes, this is another post about cheap and chic spring decor.  You can tell I am really in the mood for spring! I have mentioned before how much I love those spring colors. I recently directed a craft day for my MOPS group and we made all kinds of fabric wall art. There are so many possibilities, and they are usually a snap to make. The fact that they are also extremely cheap to make and look awfully purty are a bonus! Since I was researching ideas for the MOPS craft day, I have made several examples for my own home that I have since displayed.

A pretty little Easter egg.


My first idea was this Easter egg. This was SO simple to make, and don’t freak, there is no sewing involved. All I did was take a blank frame (this one was a freebie!) and put a piece of cardstock in front of the glass. Then I cut out the shape of an egg from a piece of fabric that I really loved. I hot glued around the edges of the fabric. My last step was to hot glue a length of rickrack around the outline of the egg. How easy is that?

pretty posies

Since I was digging that vintage-y rose fabric so much, I used it for another quick project. This time I used this robin’s egg blue frame (A Goodwill 50 cent find) and simply placed a piece of fabric in front of the glass.

A sweet little Easter basket!

My last mini project was just slightly more involved. I took this purple damask fabric (should have ironed it!) and used it as my background. Mini Easter eggs were cut from a variety of prints, arranged and hot glued so they would peek out of my basket. Then I cut out the shape of an Easter basket from a coordinating print and hot glued that bad boy down. Lastly I glued a small length of rickrack to accent the front of the basket.

Hopefully this post gave you a little inspiration and some easy ideas for your own home. If you have some frames, a hot glue gun, and some fabric scraps you can turn out some cute little works of art to dress up your spaces. If you have no fabric on hand, I believe the same idea can work using cardstocks and scrapbooking paper as well.

Happy colors!

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