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Embellishing a Plain T-Shirt: Idea #3

2 plain black long sleeved tees

On my agenda this time–ditch my old black long sleeved T for an updated new one without spending much green.  I found a similar black T on the WalMart clearance rack for about $2 and just had to snatch it up. I was plannning to use my old T to cut up and utilize the pieces to embellish the new one.

piles of circles, cut and ready to be used

 I had an idea of what I wanted to do. I’ve been loving all of the floral or almost corsage looking embellished tops out right now. On one of my fave blogs, makeit-loveit, the author did a similar look, but embellished all the way around the neckline. So, first things first, I cut out many circles in two different sizes, one about 2″ around and the other about 3″ around. You will need about 5 of these per flower, so figure on your number from there.

my flowers, pinned and ready to go

What I did next was lay out my design, figuring out where I wanted each of my new blooms. I layed out a circle for each spot, deciding on just using 3 to one side of my neckline, 2 of the larger size and 1 of the smaller. Next I folded 4 circles for each flower, folding them in half and then half again (like a pie piece). I pinned these four folded pieces on top of the circles I had laid down originally.  The final step was to actually sew the blooms on. What I did was sew in a concentric circle, starting near the outside (not too close to the edge of the flower though!) and circling in. I did this for each one and then ruffled the outer edges of the petals a bit.

sporting my new T

I loved my new embellished T so much, I decided to go for another one, this time the whole way around the neckline.

Bloomin' green

Just to top things off, and because I had enough of the old black T left, I made up a little skirt for my little girl. For this I simply chopped off the bottom section of my old shirt, made a casing with elastic for the waist, and sewed up a sweet basic skirt. I used the same method to make a bloom near the bottom hem of her skirt.

So there you have it, another simple, easy, and cheap way to dress up your boring threads! As my kids would say, easy peasy lemon-squeezy!

1 thought on “Embellishing a Plain T-Shirt: Idea #3”

  1. Fun! I have been wonder how I could do this. I jsut bought a shirt from Old Navy that has this embellishment. I thought how cute, I want more and for Liora too. thank you for the DIY instructions!! this would be a cute bag idea too!

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