Chocolate Felt Rabbit

Do you like to eat your bunnies ears first? Or maybe you like to chomp off an arm or leg? Do you make it last for a couple of days or do an Easter binge and eat that bunny in one or two sittings? By now you either think I am crazy OR you have figured out that I’m talking about chocolate Easter bunnies (not the cute fluufy kind!).

I am a big fan of Good Housekeeping magazine and saw a sweet idea in the April 2011 issue that I wanted to try.   It was a chocolate bunny silhouette made of felt. You know I love to copy things, but I usually add my own little twist to it. In this case, I made it reversible so you can flip it over for a different look/color.

First things first–I printed out the rabbit silhouette from the Good Housekeeping website (go to I chose a chocolate brown felt and white felt for my rabbit.

My original inspiration and materials

Next I cut out one silhouette of each color of felt using the rabbit template.

A conga line of rabbits!

I stacked my two rabbits and hand-sewed around the outline of the shape using a light blue embroidery floss. I imagine you could stuff it with poly-fil if you wanted, or use a heavy interfacing to make it a little sturdier.  To embellish my rabbit I stuck to simplicity–a white grosgrain ribbon around the neck. Doesn’t he look dapper?

Getting my chocolate fix--the no-calorie kind!

To mix things up a bit, I can flip him over to the white side and changed out my ribbon to a blue organza. This side looks equally sweet!

The flip side of Mr. Rabbit

There you have it–a fairly quick, cute, easy decorating idea for Easter. You could also punch a hole near the top, thread a ribbon through, and hang. Or, like they showed in the mag, have him holding a little basket bouquet of spring flowers. He would make a charming gift as well!

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