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Easter Eggs turned Teacups

  Lots of empty eggs…

What do you do with all of these empty plastic eggs once Easter is over? Do you save them? Pitch them? Well, I recently stumbled upon a sweet idea over at that upcycles those plastic eggs into something cute for the kiddos. I do save at least some of our eggs from one year to another, but for some reason I’m finding just halves that don’t match. Does anyone else have that problem? If you do, hold onto your Easter bonnets, because I’m going to show you an easy way to upcycle those plastic eggs!


Mini Teacups!

That’s right, teacups. As in, the little kiddie tea party pretend ones. All you need for this craft are those plastic egg halves, glue (I prefer a hot glue gun), buttons, and any embellishments or ribbon you may have on hand.

Easy peasy.

Seriously, if you’re not the least bit crafty, you can still do this. All you need to do is glue the bottom rounded end of your egg half to a button. That’s it. Now, you don’t have to use a button. A couple of other things I tried were a fabric yo-yo (not very stable, but cute!) and a glass “gem” from the dollar store (glue to rounded side, flat side down).

A two-tone cup with glass gem bottom.

For this one, I stacked and glued one half of one color inside a half of another color. If you look at the two halves, you’ll notice that one is more short and rounded and the other a bit taller and thinner. Stack the thinner one inside of the shorter, rounder one. All I did then was hot glue a length of coordinating ribbon around the middle.

A yo-yo on the bottom, pearl gems all around.

 For the one above, I glued a fabric yo-yo on the bottom and used adhesive pearl gems to embellish the outside.

Love that button and ribbon!

As you can see, you definitely don’t have to go all pastel with this craft. I love the more contemporary look of this one. Hey, if you have one that turns out cheesy, who cares? If your teacups look more Mad Hatter than Martha, the kids won’t notice. This is a fun, easy little craft that you can really use your imagination on a bit. I had fun making them (can you tell?), and I’m sure kids would love this as well. Here are a few more ideas to try:

*Stack a smaller button on a large one for a layered base.


*Small stickers

*Let the kids use markers or puffy paint pens to decorate the outside.

*Adhesive crystal gems

More teacups...

Happy Easter everyone!

PS-If anyone has a great idea for a handle, let me know!

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