Half-Apron Giveaway!

My first ever giveaway as a blogger! I know many other blogs have giveaways, usually of products that they are promoting or endorsing in some way. I love to create and bring joy to others by giving gifts of things I have made. On and off  in the past year I have toyed with different apron designs. This is my most recent “prototype” and I happen to think it is quite darling.

My denim/patchwork half-apron.


A closer peek at the waistband.

This apron was made by yours truly, a very self-taught sewer. I used a dark-rinse denim for the apron body/ties and a mix of quilting squares by Moda Fabrics from their “It’s A Hoot” collection for the waistband and pocket.

So, my dears, if you like it too you have a chance to win (and hey–if you are the only one to read this and enter, you are the winner! 😉 ) Here are my rules: Enter a comment stating your name, e-mail address, and favorite frugal/free summertime activity. I will choose a winner on Friday and contact you and post the winner’s name and a list of everyone’s favorite free/frugal summertime activity for all to see. (I do have ulterior motives–coming up with ideas to do with my own family this summer.) Thanks for sharing and good luck!

4 thoughts on “Half-Apron Giveaway!”

  1. Our favorite free summer thing to do is go to the park and play in the creek. We spend hours looking for crayfish and salamanders and catching fish with out little nets ! It is also nice when its hot out because the water is cool ! Its so much fun and totally exhausting for the kids !

  2. I love, love, love it!! I want to link it to my site but then that lowers my chances of winning 😉 Fav summertime activity is reading a book outside under the shade of my tree and eating picnics outside (I know I cheated and gave two but they are both my favorite!).

  3. That is so cute!!!! My fav summer activity…..hmmm….just one?? I would have to say packing a picnic and going to a favorite spot like a park!! There is something great about eating outdoors on a blanket!!!

  4. Cute apron! My favorite free activity is running. I get to exercise my mind, body & soul while enjoying God’s beautiful creation!

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