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Patriotic Bunting

As July 4th is fast approaching, I am seeing red, white, and blue items everywhere. To me, those colors can never go out of style and I love the clean, crisp, Americana look. My own bedroom is navy and white with splashes of red thrown in. I am also loving all of the bunting/garland type items I see online. Wanting to make one of my own in red, white, and blue, I got to work with my scissors, rickrack, and some ticking fabric–oh, and my sewing machine too.

I ❤ those stripes.

To start off, I cut out 5″ squares from my ticking fabric, folded them in half to form a triangle, and pinned them.

Get sewing!

Next I sewed a straight stitch along the two open sides of my triangle. Then I cut a length of rickrack in the opposite color (red on blue or blue on red) and sewed it on along one side of the triangle. You’ll notice that I ended up doing both sides (one in each color) on several of my pennants.

Here’s what the triangles end up looking like after sewing on the rickrack.

All lined up...

The next step is to arrange your triangles in the order or pattern that looks pleasing to you. I then took my trusty Cropadile tool and punched holes at the top on both sides of the triangle. I had purchased this nautical-looking white cording for a little over 25 cents a yard  and wanted to use it to thread through the tops of my triangles in order to string everything together. You could also sew ribbon or rickrack along the tops to connect everything, but I liked the idea of the cording. (Very PB knockoff, perhaps?)

Threading them together.

Just a little note–I left a lengthy “tail” at either end and tied a large loop for hanging up. Then I tied a knot on top of each hole, threading the cord so that it goes behind each triangle and shows up in between the knots. Does that make sense? Hopefully you can tell what I mean in the pictures.

The end result!

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