Sharing my Thrifty Finds

I love, love, love me a good yard sale. Or flea market. Or thrift shop. Or clearance rack. You just never know what you’ll find for sometimes mere pennies compared to what you would pay for the same item new at a department store. Recently I wore this dress to church and got tons of compliments.

My Goodwill find.

I happily told them that it was purchased at Goodwill for a few bucks. (It’s handmade, by the way.) I also wore a necklace/earring set that matched it perfectly–found at a yard sale for $1. In fact, probably at least 80% of what I wear anymore has come from a yard sale, Goodwill, other thrift shop, etc. My husband and kids too. I wasn’t always that way. In fact, I sort of cringe to think what I could have saved over the years had I shopped this way before. Now, I thought I would share some other thrifty finds I have happened upon lately.

A pile of Pyrex.

Next up–these glass loaf pans. I have been scooping up some of these as I see them at yard sales as I am trying to get rid of my old non-stick metal ones. They have gotten yucky with the non-stick coating worn off and I would prefer glass. Oh, and they were all 25c to $1 each.

My "new" summer purse.

I happened upon this madras plaid purse at a yard sale for $1 and couldn’t resist. Wanting something a bit more summery, it was calling my name. Plus it’s plenty roomy, has long enough straps, and matches almost anything.

Another yard sale score.

My kitchen has been green for the past probably 7? years, and I still love it. Our church held a yard sale to benefit the youth group and one of the ladies donated this awesome olive green canister set. At first I didn’t buy it, then it didn’t sell and my husband went back and got these for me. These weren’t as thrifty since he made a “nice” donation as it was for a good cause. However, I couldn’t help putting it in this post. Inside the largest one is seashells that the kids collected from our Florida trip.

A Target clearance find.

These bright, fresh kitchen linens were found at Target in the housewares clearance. Each is in a pack of 2 and the clearance sticker read $2.38 for the pack. I may repurpose these into something else, so I swiped them and they ended up being less than $2.

Two more yard sale finds.

We had been talking about getting a globe for the kids, so at $1 I had to pick this up for them. I couldn’t find a date on it, but we’re guessing from the different geography clues that it may be from the 50’s. Last but not least is this cool blue little case, also $1 I think. The kids have been using it to carry their stuffed animals and such in, but I just adored the color.

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