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Feeling Scrappy


So, this is a project I’ve been thinking of making for a little while. I just had to get up the nerve to try it. You see, I can’t bear to throw away scraps of fabric that are left over from various sewing projects. Unless they’re itty bitty, I usually keep them. The problem is, I now have a huge bag full of scraps–everything from flannel, cottons, denim, sweater pieces, you name it. And there’s a huge variety of colors and patterns too. I’ve tried my hand at some basic patchwork quilts that were very matchy matchy, but had never thought of making a crazy quilt.

One of my previous creations.

When the scrap bag started overflowing, the idea appealed to me more. So, I went a-searching online for some basic instructions (maybe you did the same thing and that’s why you found this site) and got a good enough idea of how to pull this off. Hey, I figured, if it turns out to be a disaster, at least I didn’t have to buy anything to make this project. I even had a nice piece of medium blue flannel large enough for a backing. Sweet! Wanna see how I made it? These are the basic instructions I used to make my own brand of crazy quilt:


*Cut muslin into 12″ by 12″ squares. How many you cut depends on how large you want your quilt to be. For example, I wanted to do a 36″ by 36″ quilt, so I cut out 9 of these squares.

12" squares of muslin. If you don't have muslin, I'm sure a plain colored cotton would work fine.


*Sort through your scraps. If you’re making something smaller, like a doll quilt, you may want to use small scraps. Since it was my first project, I chose my medium to larger scraps. Also, decide if you want an actual color scheme or if you want to do the real “crazy” version, throw caution to the wind, and use every type of fabric and color. I got a little history lesson in my online  search and that’s how they’re supposed to be anyway. Ladies back in the 1800’s were just using up whatever they had around

My eyesore of a scrap bag. I literally dumped it all out to sort through my scraps. Though messy, it was fun to look and remember what projects I used certain ones for.


*Starting on one 12″ block of muslin, lay down one scrap of fabric anywhere on the square, right side facing up. Choose another piece to go beside it and lay it right side down on top of the first piece with one edge of each lined up. Sew through all 3 layers of fabric (both scraps and the muslin) and then flip the upside-down one over. This is called the “Sew & Flip” method.

Not the greatest pic, but hopefully you can tell that one piece is right side up and the other is facing down with one side of edges lined up.


*Choose another scrap piece and follow the same method using one of the free edges. Keep doing this until your square is filled up. Flip the square over and trim any excess pieces that hang over the edges of your square.


*Sew over each seam using different types of stitches. I used all white thread for mine, but using different colors would add lots of visual interest to your piece. I also played around with some of the fancy stitches on my machine, using ones I don’t normally stitch with.


*Fill all squares up using the same method.


*Arrange finished squares in a way that is pleasing to you.

Laying everything out...


*Sew finished blocks together, row by row until quilt top is completed.

One row of 3 blocks.


*Cut a piece of fabric to use as the backing. You do not need batting for this project! Sew the top and bottom pieces together. Since I wasn’t using quilt binding around the edges, I sewed these with the right sides together, leaving about 3″ open. Then I flipped the whole thing right side out.


*Top stitch all around the edges (making sure to seal that open 3″ area), or sew binding on around the edges if that is what you prefer.


*Stand back and admire your new piece of artwork!!

The end result. I might be biased, but I think it turned out cute.


I have to admit, I had SO much fun doing this project. It was sort of like putting lots of puzzles together, then combining them to make one big puzzle. After I made this I gathered all of my scraps with red and white in them and did a table runner, which turned out pretty. I put a small dent in my scrap bag, still have lots to use up…

6 thoughts on “Feeling Scrappy”

  1. So magnificent! And inspiring! I have the required scrap bag but haven’t moved to clear it out yet, it seems like so much effort, but you make it look easy and cool. You did a fabulous job and thanks for the step-by-step! The owl in the center is the coolest.

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