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Sharing More of my Thrifty Finds

I shared a thrifty finds post a few weeks ago and thought I’d share some more goodies with you all. These are all items I got at either a yard sale or thrift shop for a great deal and I have a purpose in mind for each one as well.

An old soda crate.

At $6, this was probably the priciest of my thrifty finds, but I just loved it and knew exactly what I wanted it for. I’ll probably show what I have planned for this guy in a later post, but I’ll just say that it’s for displaying something in my boys’ room.

For storing thread?

I picked up this cute rack at an Amish yard sale for $1, thinking it would be adorable to store my spools of thread on. I may spray paint it white as it is probably going to be hung on the navy blue accent wall in my bedroom (where my sewing “nook” is).

One of my twins new favorite toys.

Joey and Josh talked me into this purchase at a thrift shop, but I have to say it’s been worth every penny of the $2 I paid for it! Though it was originally a shape sorter, it had long lost its shapes. They really don’t care as they use it to store all kinds of other little toys and often try to stuff their coveted blankies into it. Plus it is really cute!

Additions to my fabric stash.

I love to find new and interesting fabrics at yard sales and the household linens sections of thrift stores. I give them a good washing and they are ready to be sewed up into something else! It’s fun for me to try and figure out what to use certain ones for.

Excited to get these for $1.50!

I definitely have a project in mind for these cork tiles. I had been thinking of doing a corkboard area in my currently disorganized calendar/incoming papers/phone area. Especially as school is starting back up soon and papers will be coming in constantly, I definitely am getting into my organizing mode again and need to revamp this area. I’ll do a post on this if it turns out as well as I hope!
So, folks, that’s all for now. Hopefully I didn’t bore you with my findings and hopefully you’re all scoring some great useful finds of your own. Until next time, God bless. Rachel

2 thoughts on “Sharing More of my Thrifty Finds”

  1. I’ve been looking for vintage fabric like crazy – to no avail! 😦 I live in Philadelphia and we even have a part of town that is referred to as “fabric row” and I still haven’t found anything. Do you make any clothing or pillows from the fabric that you find? I’ll have to hit a few vintage shops and see if I get lucky.

    1. Honestly I just scour Goodwill and any thrift shops I happen upon. I have the best luck in the housewares/linens sections of these stores. And yes, I’ve repurposed some clothing pieces and done some other cool accessories. I hope to do a post on this specifically soon showing some of my before/afters. So much fun!

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