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Me? Worry?

Is anyone else out there a worrywart? I have definitely done my share of worrying over the years and still find myself locked in its clutches once in a while. As school is starting in our area on Monday (or is supposed to be!) and my neck of the woods is due to be pounded by Hurricane Irene within the next couple of hours, I was inspired to do a short little bit on worry. As a little example of past worries, I can still remember the day when I shipped my oldest child off to kindergarten. He was scheduled for the afternoon session and our bus didn’t arrive to pick him up until after lunchtime. I couldn’t sleep the night before and literally felt sick to my stomach all that morning. As we waited for the bus, hand in hand, my pulse was racing with anxiety. The bus finally arrived and my little guy tentatively made his way up those steps as the driver introduced herself. I tried to act cool about the whole thing and waved to Daniel as the bus pulled away. As it disappeared down the road, I told my husband, “well, I survived that alright.” Then I promptly burst into tears and he hugged me and assured me that it was going to be fine. As the afternoon passed, I busied myself as much as possible to get my mind off of the whole thing. Relief poured through me as the bus then dropped him off later on.

Now, can anyone else out there relate to my little tale of worry? I have to admit that I still breathe a sigh of relief every time my kids arrive home safely from school or the sound of my husband’s truck comes down the road as he arrives home from work. Perhaps, like in my story, you’re sending a little one off to school for the first time and are starting to fret. Or, if you’re an East Coast resident, you’re preparing for or in the midst of this large hurricane and worried about your home or loved ones. Maybe you’re waiting for a possibly bad diagnosis or have a stack of bills that you have no idea how to pay. My friend, worry is SO destructive. It does nothing but consume us and can affect our physical and mental health. Worrying yourself sick about something isn’t going to do a bit of good or help anyone. Believe me, I know, and I’m sure you know this already too. I thought I’d share some inspiring words about worry and assurances that God is in control. (We are not, by the way!) I hope these words find you all well and may you find comfort and peace in knowing this. 

1 thought on “Me? Worry?”

  1. I worry, too, though I fear my worrying is about to increase tenfold. I’m due with our first this Feb, so I know I really have no idea what “worry” really means just yet.

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