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Woodland Felt Play Set Tutorial

I have a ridiculous love of felt and have been charmed by all the woodland-themed kids items I have seen lately. That being said, I saw this fun and woodsy fabric at Jo-Ann’s the other day and just had to get a piece to do something with.

Honestly, I didn’t have a plan in mind, just scooped up 1/2 a yard and took it home with my wheels turning. Then I remembered a super-cute set of woodland animals made of felt I had seen out in the blogosphere lately (sorry, I really can’t remember where it was specifically) and thought of doing some kind of playset for preschoolers with this fabric as the background. Perhaps something similar to the old-time flannelgraphs. This is almost like a twill, so felt “stuck” to it pretty easily. I had a blank canvas handy, so I covered it with a piece of this fabric, stapling it to the back.

It looked just a bit too busy as a background, so I hot glued a piece of green felt, freehand cut to look like grassy hills, and put it in the foreground to break up the busyness.

Then I got to work making some animals and other woodsy type items. I did a little bit of stitching on my machine, but the rest I just made with hot glue. If you are not a sewer, you could easily make these with just a hot glue gun, different colors of felt, and scissors. I am not doing a tutorial on how I made each item, just go with the flow! If what you make is not perfect or too cheesy looking, it’s okay, really. Mine are quite far from perfect, as you can see. A perfectionist is definitely not one of my character traits! You should see the first deer I made–it was pretty bad 😦 Here’s some examples of felt items I put together to go with my playset:

A pond (with lily pad), fox, and a tree with bird.
A close-up of my mushroom.
All of my woodland accessories together.

As you can see in the last picture, I ended up making a pond, butterfly, owl, mushroom, tree, bird, deer, and a fox. I also made a handy-dandy felt pouch to put them all in. I was thinking this would be a great toy or present for a preschooler. If I gave this another go, I would probably do some type of fold-up design, but I like the stability of the canvas. I also thought of some other items that would be fun to make and include–a raccoon, bear, bunny, sun, gnome, flower, frog, etc… This was a fun project and my youngest three have been playing with it like crazy, especially my 6 year old.

17 thoughts on “Woodland Felt Play Set Tutorial”

  1. How absolutely adorable. I would LOVE to make this for my little ones. So very cute! I would love it if you could share this cute craft at my “All Things Wonderful Link Party” that is going on at my blog.
    I look forward to exploring more of your blog.

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