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Wrapping Up Summer

Labor Day weekend is already upon us, which to most people is the unofficial/official end of summer. My goodness, how our summer flew past! As those summer days are ending and the glory of fall beginning, I thought I’d do a little wrap-up of highlights from our summer.

*Celebrating Daniel’s 10th Birthday. He is our oldest child and we had a special birthday party for him and some friends. I did a post about this called Fishing for Birthday Party Ideas as it was an outdoorsy/fishing theme and a hit with everyone. I still can’t wrap my brain around the fact that I’ve been a parent for a decade already!

*VBS. Our kids attend two different Vacation Bible Schools each summer. One is at another church near the beginning of summer, soon after school lets out. My gang is now all old enough that we can drop them off each evening and have some date nights to ourselves. It was a wonderful time to reconnect for us and a great time for our kids. The other VBS is at our home church and we all participate. This week is always such a blessing to each and every one of us. Our theme this year was Water to the World and we had a fabulous week. My own highlight of this time was the fact that so many children were into learning and saying their memory verses, which were based on Revelation 22. My kids all learned it before me and encouraged me to learn it too.

Having a snuggle with my littlest men.

*Family 4th of July trip. We don’t normally travel over the 4th of July weekend, but this year we did. My grandmother has a house up near Wellsboro, PA, and we all camped out in her backyard, had a campfire, set off fireworks, and enjoyed the spectacular scenery. In addition, we took the kids to see and hike part of the Grand Canyon of PA.

*Hitting the pool. One of the nearest towns has a community pool, which we purchase a yearly membership for. Going there was truly a sanity saver for me as it gave the kids some space apart from each other and gave them lots of fresh air, sunshine, and exercise. We would typically go at least a couple times a week and stay for 2-3 hours at a shot. I would often pack a lunch and we would picnic there right after it opened and then stay to swim.  There is a huge shallow end for little ones and my gang is now old enough that I can sit out and just monitor them while I read a little.

Our homemade slip-n-slide.
Pile-up at the bottom!

*Slip & Slide. My inventive man came up with this idea for the hill in our side yard. He bought a roll of heavy plastic sheeting, rigged up the hose with a sprinkler attachment, and voila! A DIY slip-n-slide. We would dribble the top with baby shampoo or mild dish detergent to make it extra slippery. On some super hot days this was a fun activity for everyone to do. As you can see, even our dog liked it!

*Said goodbye to diapers. This is one of my main highlights of the summer–everyone is finally fully potty trained. Woo-hoo! I’m lovin’ it.

In front of WSM.

*Our family service project. I did several posts on or about this. To summarize, over the period of several months I bought and collected toiletry and hygiene items with coupons. We assembled and then donated @30 “Hope Totes” to a local rescue mission. This was a good experience for all of us and now we are looking forward to collecting items to put in Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, a ministry by Samaritan’s Purse that we love to do each fall.

*Read, read, read! My oldest two and now my middle child are such little bookworms, I love it! We frequented our library quite a bit, picking up new books every week and attending some of the free library events. They constantly have their nose in a book of some kind, whatever the time of year.

*Canoeing. In the beginning of June, we got a grand surprise when one of my husband’s thoughtful co-workers showed up at work one day with a 14′ canoe, oars, and life jackets to give to our family. Apparently it had been inhabiting his garage and he thought we could make better use of it, which we did!

Well, that’s a basic wrap-up of things our family especially enjoyed this summer. There’s lots more that I could have included, but those are the main things that came to mind. We started school again this past week, so it’s onward to fall now. What was the highlight of your summer?

My big school kids, waiting for the bus.

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