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Infinity Scarf Tutorial

If you would have asked me last year what an infinity scarf was, I probably would’ve given you a blank stare. Now if you asked me, I could give you a (sorta) lengthy explanation because now I have a clue what they are. Basically, they are a scarf with no beginning and no end, hence the name Infinity. They can be made out of a variety of materials and are very versatile. You will most likely be seeing these in lots of stores this fall and winter.Ā  Please, please , please, do me a favor–do not go out and plop down lots of $$$ for these things.. They are SO extremely easy to make, and depending on the fabric you use, cost almost nothing either. I like wearing scarves some of the time in the fall and winter, so you know I just had to try these out.

Interested in instructions on how to make your own? It only takes about 15 minutes and has a minimal of steps.

My 75 cent striped Goodwill fabric.

First off, select the fabric you want to use. I had this one in my fabric stash for awhile and hadn’t found the right use for it yet. Honestly, it reminds me of a rugby shirt, which reminds me of fall, so I chose this one to use for my trial scarf.

Cut your fabric into long strips. How wide you make them depends on how wide you want your scarf. Some prefer more of a chunky scarf, but I was going for more of a long, loopy look, so I cut mine into @7″ wide strips.

Flip your fabric strips inside out, so that the right sides are facing one another. Sew along one edge, going down the whole length of the strip. I ended up sewing just two of those strips I had cut separately and then connecting them later. After this first scarf, I think it would be easier and look nicer if you sew what you want into a super-long strip first, then do this step. Hey, you live and learn, right?

For your last step, flip the strip(s) right side out and tuck in the raw edges at both short ends. Tuck one end inside the other and sew the two strips together. Then you’re done!

A line-up of my scarf making efforts.

As you can see, I usually can’t just stop with one! Once I discovered how quick and easy these are to make, I went a little crazy and tried it out with some different fabrics. From left to right in my picture, I used: basic cotton, cashmere from an upcycled sweater, the knit striped cotton, flannel, and jersey knit. Each have different qualities and ways of draping once you wear them. For instance, I liked the coziness of the gray cashmere and the flannel, but liked how the jersey knit draped the best.

There are so many possibilities using this type of scarf. Depending on the length, you can wrap them one, two, three, sometimes four times around. This was my first time wearing one, and I have to say that I liked how the ends didn’t hang all over the place like a traditional scarf. So, go on and whip up a bunch of these for yourself. Or, since Christmas is really not that far off, they would make a fabulous gift.

16 thoughts on “Infinity Scarf Tutorial”

  1. OH this is too fun! I didn’t realize it was that simple. I am definitely making some for the season. Thank you very much for sharing this @ Show & Share! I’m so glad you did!

  2. Just wanted to let you know I’m featuring you and this project on my blog! Come grab a button! Thanks again for linking up!


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