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Elephant Baby Gift Set

Need a cute baby gift to have on hand? Here’s a sweet idea that can be adaptable for a boy or girl–a plush baby elephant and cute burp cloth to go with. Even though my baby days are long gone, I still enjoy oohing and aahing over all the cute baby ideas that I see. Elephants seem to be popping up in baby apparel, shower ideas, and nursery decor, so I came up with this adorable elephant baby set.

As you can see, it’s a plush baby elephant, a burp cloth to match, and an antique glass baby bottle to add extra sweetness.

Want instructions to make your own? Here’s what I did:

Sketch out an elephant shape onto the fabric of your choice. Fold the fabric in half first so you don't have to trace and cut twice.
Cut out elephant shapes, two ear shapes, and gather two buttons for the eyes and a piece of rickrack or ribbon for the tail.
Sew on an ear to each side...
Then sew on buttons for each eye. Make sure to do these very securely! Or, as an option, use embroidery floss to create an eye.
Pin the two elephants together, right sides facing one another. Place the tail piece where you would like it, with most of it on the inside and a small piece sticking out. Sew around most of the elephant, leaving @2" open.
Flip right side out, stuff with polyfil, and hand-sew the opening closed. Now you have a cute baby elephant!

Now on to the burp cloth…

Start with a new basic cotton cloth baby diaper.
Using a matching or coordinating fabric, measure out a piece that covers the entire middle section of the cloth diaper. Cut, place over that section, press all edges under, and pin.
Sew around all 4 sides of the fabric, creating a nice crisp edge. You could also trim it out in rickrack or ribbon, but I left mine pretty simple this time.
Fold neatly so print is mostly showing and tie up. I used a length of the same pink fleece I used for the elephant's ears.

 Place into a basket or other container of your choice. As I mentioned before, I added this antique glass baby bottle with tulle around the top just as an extra touch, but you could add anything else that floats your boat. So there you have it–a cute touch of handmade goodness to pass on. I love giving gifts, don’t you?    –Rachel

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