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Fabric Flower Bookmarks

Christmas will soon be creeping up on us and one of my favorite things is giving a thoughtful handmade gift. This would be a perfect gift for a teacher, book-loving friend, or other bibliophile in your life. (Except for the male variety–sorry guys, I have a hard time coming up with masculine versions of stuff.)

See the sweet flowers adorning the top?

These are lots of fun to make and I think they look pretty darn cute too.

Wanna see how I made them?

For starters, choose a fabric and cut it into a rectangle. Cut it as long as you want your bookmark and twice as wide as you want it to end up being, plus a little extra to allow for the seam. Also, cut a piece of stiff fusible interfacing the size you want your bookmark.
Next, fold the fabric in half lengthwise, with right sides together. Sew along one short side and the open long side. Leave one short end open.
Step 3 is to flip the fabric right side out and insert that piece of interfacing inside. Tuck the raw edges of the open short end inside and sew that end closed. You can also top-stitch along all 4 sides for a more finished look.
Now, on to the fabric flower. Cut a long strip of fabric @1" wide. With a hot glue gun handy, roll and wrap your fabric so the printed side is always showing. Hot glue as you go to hold everything in place. Glue onto the top end of your bookmark.
I love the end result. See how that purty flower peeks out from the top of your book?

23 thoughts on “Fabric Flower Bookmarks”

  1. I think this is such a fun little project! Anyone could use this–I know I could. Love the fabric that you chose! Great job! I am so happy you shared this @ Show & Share! Hope to see more from you!

  2. What a cute bookmark! And, bless you for being a stay at home mom! Your reward will a blessing to you every day of your life! I did the same 33 years ago, and my son is 33 and my daughter is 32! They indeed are a life full of blessings, to this day! And, I am a retired Lola, blessed beyond measure! And, of course creative as ever!! Shine on and bless your life and your creative self…

    A blessed Lola

  3. Hi, what kind/brand of fusible interfacing do you recommend? Do you iron the interfacing on or just stick it inside the bookmark? Thank you.

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