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Fabric Wrapped Bangles

I’m not normally a bangle girl. Sure, sometimes I get in a bracelet mode and wear bracelets almost every day, but rarely ever a bangle bracelet. I’m not sure why as there are  many cute bangles out there. Maybe being a child of the 80’s makes me  immediately think of The Bangles and “Walk Like an Egyptian” plays on (and on and on…)  in my head. Anyway, in some of my recent thrifting, I picked up some cheap-o plastic bangles and transformed them into these:

You probably don’t need an actual tutorial or step-by-step instructions to figure out how I made these, but I’ll give you the basics.

Take a basic plastic bangle…

Cut a long strip of fabric and fold one edge in. Using Mod Podge, apply liberally to the surface of the bangle. Start at one inner side and wrap the fabric around and around, overlapping slightly so that the raw edge is covered up. Do this until the entire bangle is covered in fabric, then finish off on the inside, using Mod Podge to adhere and finish.

In the picture above, the one on the furthest left is one I wrapped for my daughter in a fun aqua print. The middle one is wrapped in an upcycled vintage kitchen linen, and the one on the right is wrapped in a blue and white seersucker material.

What an quick, pretty, and easy upgrade to a plain old plastic bracelet! These would be fun to make for yourself or as a gift. Now, if I can get The Bangles out of my head, I may throw a couple of these on as accessories.

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