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Tea Party in a Box

Do you have a pint-sized princess or two to buy Christmas gifts for? Or perhaps a birthday gift? I have one princess at my house (living among 4 little princes!) who would adore this as a gift. Oh, and a few other princesses in my life who would enjoy it as well.

A tea party set in a box. Store bought? Nope.

Really, I have to say I’m rather proud of this project. It came together pretty easily and I think it’s just a bit too cute. Oh, and so I don’t forget to mention it, the whole thing cost me about $2.50 to make. (Okay, I better stop bragging  now.)

Tea for 3.

This whole project stemmed form a cool thrift store find I got–the 3 little matching cups and saucers, perfect for little hands. I scooped them up for $1.50 and wanted to make good use of them.

Then I remembered that I had a whole set of these unfinished wooden boxes, all given to me by a sweet friend who was getting rid of some of her craft supplies (Thanks Amy B!) Anyway, this one was the perfect size for what I had in mind. I spray painted the inside lid and box with a pink that I already had.

I also made use of a Rose printed bandana I had purchased at Wal-Mart for $1. I cut it up and Mod-Podged it around the outside of the box and lid. Since it’s a thin material, it went on quite well. With the remainder of the bandana, I made these 3 little napkins and a little tablecloth.

That’s about it. If this strikes you as a possible gift idea, it would be quite doable to replicate. Just start searching thrift stores or Goodwill for little cups and saucers. They wouldn’t even have to be mini like mine, even a set of mismatched teacups would be cute in my opinion. Pretty much any lighter weight material would work for the little napkins and such. Also, lots of containers would also probably work for the box portion. A mini teapot would be too cute to add in as well.

Thanks for stopping by! I want you to know that I always appreciate all of your kind comments, referrals, and pins.

14 thoughts on “Tea Party in a Box”

  1. That is such a sweet gift. Never mind little girls, I’d quite like one of those myself!Thanks so much for joining my Weekend Wonders blog party last week. It was much appreciated! Hope to see you again soon.

  2. This is so cute! My daughter would love it. Thanks for linking to Things I’ve Done Thursday!


  3. So very clever! What a fun little surprise to open up the box to that! My girls would love it! Thanks so much for sharing this @ Show & Share! I am so happy that you did!

  4. What an adorable little set! My little girlies would love this – pinning so I can hunt some of the needed items down. 🙂

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