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Decoupaged Candy Bucket

I may have mentioned this before, but I’m not a huge Halloween fan. However, I do let my kids go trick-or-treating and dress up as something, even if it’s a costume we just threw together. Since I am a Dollar Tree fan, I came across these simple black buckets in the cleaning section and thought they may be a cute for Trick-or -Treat.

My $1 buckets

Of course I didn’t just leave them plain black. I toyed around with a couple of ideas, but I’ll share this one with you.

First, I chose some fabrics that coordinated with one another and were fall-looking to me. Yes, I do realize that my buckets are black and these have a brown theme, but I wasn’t being too picky. Most of the black was going to be covered up anyhow.

Mod-Podge Magic.

Then I proceeded to bust out my Mod-Podge and a foam brush. I applied the decoupage liberally to the surface of the bucket first, then smoothed down each strip of fabric.

Around the top I put a white grosgrain ribbon, a length of yellow lace, and another thin strip of fabric to cover up the extra empty spaces.

My finished bucket.

This may be a bit too girly for my boys, but I’m sure my little gal would be thrilled to carry it–or maybe I’ll just use it to display candy in for the rest of fall. All in all, it was a pretty cheap, quick, and easy project. Also, I imagine I can do this same idea with another plain bucket and different fabric once the Christmas season rolls around.

5 thoughts on “Decoupaged Candy Bucket”

  1. I’m not a huge Halloween fan either, not when car-fulls of teens come into the area to get candy. But I like what you did with those Dollar Store buckets. I’m their fan, too.

  2. This turned out awesome! I love this idea. How many fabric scraps do I have laying around?? I must try this. 🙂 I am so happy you shared this @ Show & Share. Thank you!

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