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Ruffled Jersey Knit Scarf

My pretty pink new scarf.

I admittedly have a pink fetish. Those of you who know me can testify to this–I wear pink A LOT. Even though I had made some infinity scarfs last month, I wanted to try out something with some feminine ruffles added in, preferably using some jersey knit fabric.

This pink fabric was found at Goodwill–I got a yard piece for $1.25! (I’m telling you, that housewares section is a great place to find fabrics!) I looked around at several ruffled scarf tutorials online, but ended up doing my own little design. This is the basic outline of how I made it:

Cut 2 pieces of jersey knit cotton fabric–mine are approximately 7″ wide by 60″ long. (the fabric is folded in half in this pic.)

Cut long lengths of 1″ wide fabric–cut these lengths into 6-@15″ long strips.

Using those 1″ wide strips, make a ruffle out of each one. Don’t know how to make a ruffle? On a long stitch length setting, sew a straight stitch down the very middle of the strip without backstitching at all. Pull on the bottom bobbin thread, making the strip ruffle up until it’s the desired length (in this case, 7″). Leave all threads hanging for now.

Pin 3 ruffles at one end of one scarf, about 1″ from the bottom and going up 1″ for each ruffle. Using a normal stitch length, sew a straight stitch next to where the other stitches are, but not directly on them. This will attach your ruffle to one side of the scarf. Now try to pull out those previous stitches that you placed in to form your ruffle. Repeat on the other end of the same scarf piece of fabric. You should now have 3 at one end and 3 on the other. (I’m still learning this, so mine aren’t great, but hopefully you get the idea.)

The final step in making this is to pin the two large pieces together and sew along the entire perimeter, about 1/4″ from the edge. The beauty of this fabric is that it doesn’t fray, so those raw edges are supposed to be there! Now your scarf is ready to wear.

My oldest child snapped this picture of me yesterday wearing my new creation. I thought I’d better step out from behind the camera once in a while!

24 thoughts on “Ruffled Jersey Knit Scarf”

    1. Did you sew the 2 long pieces right sides together around the sides then turn it right side out? How long was your finished scarf? Very cute!

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