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Hymnal Page Lid Ornaments

What do old hymnal pages and canning lids have in common? These holiday ornaments, of course!

How did I make them? If you’re a crafty soul like me, I’m sure you can figure it out just by looking at my pictures. However, I’ll give you all a quick tutorial just in case.

Start out with a canning lid and a page out of an old hymnal or old sheet music. I’ve gotten old hymnals from used book sales for super cheap and used them for a different project in previous years. Using the lid as a template, trace and cut out a circle from the music page. I also went around my edges with scalloped-edged scissors just for extra embellishment.

Using Mod Podge and a paintbrush, I lightly covered one side of the lid and pressed the page onto it. You could use either side of the lid–mine are reddish around the edges, so I wanted that to show a little. As some of the pictures show, I also did a couple with the gold showing from the flipside.

I left a couple of ornaments just plain, but added a rolled fabric flower and a button to some as well. In order to hang it, I also hot glued a loop of thin wire to the back. Ribbon would certainly look pretty cute too.

I’m sure there are lots of other ways to embellish these. I plan on making more, so feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions you may have. Thanks! Rachel

13 thoughts on “Hymnal Page Lid Ornaments”

  1. Very cute, Thank you for sharing these. I am planning on making some for our Willing Workers Church Christmas Party… I thought it would also be nice to do some Bible Verses either hand written or copy from the PC… Thanks again!!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful idea. I love the idea of using the canning jar lids. I will have to try this. Stopping by from the Creative Bloggers party hop.
    Hope you stop by for a visit.

  3. Hi again. I’m featuring you tomorrow on “Wednesday’s Feature” at angela’s sewing for sanity.

    I made several of these and just love how they turned out. Thanks again for the inspiration. Be sure to visit!

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