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Yuletide Yarn Wreath

I’m in a bit of a wreath mode here lately. It all started when an old classmate of mine who sees my blog posting via Facebook contacted me. She was seeing if I had any creative ideas for her and some other Moms to do on an evening without their kids. The first thing that popped into my head was some kind of holiday wreath-making night where everyone throws in a little cash, someone buys wreath-making supplies for all attending, and Moms can chat (without kid interruptions!) and put together some festive decor for the upcoming holiday season. That’s what inspired my wreath post last week and then I realized that I’ve never posted a yarn-wrapped wreath on here before. So, here it is, my festive, Christmas-y yarn-wrapped wreath.

Here’s a quick rundown of how I made it…

Take a straw or foam wreath form and wrap it completely in yarn. I really dug this green color, which has a slight shimmer to it. One large skein is usually enough to cover a medium-sized wreath.

Once this baby was wrapped, I took  red rickrack and wrapped it around in one direction, then reversed and went the other way. That’s how I got those cute X’s 🙂 A contrasting color of ribbon or different color of yarn would work as well. Use hot glue to hold everything in place.

So then I cut out a bunch of circles of the same size in this pretty fabric (a Robert Kaufman print)…

Fold each circle in half once, then in half again, using hot glue to hold together. Place 4 on top of one flat circle and glue down.

Stick a button in the middle and you have this. I made several of these for my wreath and placed a length of the same fabric around the top for my hanger. Add other embellishments and you’re all set!

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