Our Family Christmas Card Photo

So, I got one more thing crossed off of my Christmas to-do list this week. Yay! I thought I’d share with you our family Christmas card photo for this year. We have an old historic mill in our area which holds a really awesome craft show every year inside of the building. Completely honored to be invited to take part in this for the past 7 years or so, I was there picking up my unsold items the other day. My kids and husband were all off that day, so they came with me. Seeing a cool photo op, I snapped some pics of my gang standing up against the one outer wall. By the way, no, I couldn’t get everyone to actually smile at the same time. However, I started saying silly phrases to get them to laugh. It worked!

I snapped a couple of pretty decent ones. Then I think they had enough! As you can see in the one below, I have a couple of kids still laughing, my daughter is actually looking at the camera and smiling, one is hoppin’ mad, and one has his finger pointing, half obscuring his face. We’ll call this my “keeping it real” picture.

Have a great weekend everyone! Rachel

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