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Easy Eyeglass Cozy

As of this past Saturday, I now have 2 children that wear glasses.

Andrew, my 3rd grader, got glasses last school year and promptly lost his pair about a month or two into school this fall. Heidi, my 1st grader, failed her school eye exam pretty badly this fall as well. So, while on Thanksgiving break, we took a trip to America’s Best and actually got a pretty sweet deal on glasses for both of them. I bought 2 pairs for each child, one to wear regularly and one as a back-up pair. My daughter was checking out the hard shell eyeglass cases while we were picking up the finished pairs, but they gave us 4 cheapy soft cases to carry their glasses in. To surprise my little miss, I made her a cute little eyeglass cozy to keep at school.

Bright and cheerful in a fun, punchy print. It totally matches my little cutie’s personality and she was thrilled with her surprise. This literally took me about 10 minutes (if that) to make and cost almost nothing. It would make a fun, frugal gift for a friend that wears specs! Check out my easy steps to make this eyeglass cozy:

Pick out a piece of felt and a piece of fabric that coordinate. Cut out a rectangle of felt–I think mine was about 7 1/2″ by 8″ or so. Cut out the fabric so that the width is the same, but slightly shorter as far as length. You can see how my felt piece sticks out above the printed fabric.

Roll the top edge of the felt down over the top edge of the fabric. Pin and straight stitch across. This serves to cover up the fabric’s raw edge as well as form a collar at the top of your cozy.

Fold in half so that the felt is on the outside. Pin one long edge and one short edge. Sew along both sides, making sure to backstitch at both ends. Turn right side out.

Voila! Done. That’s really all there is to this. I use this same method to make cell phone cozies as well, just change the dimensions.  Now I need to go whip up a boyish-looking cozy for my little man.

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