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Lemon Salt or Sugar Hand Scrub

The countdown is on…9 days to go before Christmas. Are you ready yet? Except for some wrapping, I’m pretty much done for this year. It is such a good feeling! One of the last handmade items I wanted to make and give is a sugar or salt scrub for hands. There are many recipes out there for these (most are very simple), but this is the one that captured my attention. It uses items you probably already have on hand, no need to run out and purchase special ingredients. Oh, and I also have a love for anything lemony, so this was definitely the recipe for me.

I used finely granulated sea salt for this, but sugar can easily be subbed in as well. To make sure it actually worked, I tried some out yesterday afternoon and was thrilled with how it scrubbed and softened my starting-to-get-dry hands. This is a great gift for anyone that works with their hands or gets especially dry hands in the winter time.

1/2 cup sugar or salt

1 TB olive oil

2 Tb lemon (or lime) juice

Combine and mix in a small bowl. Store in an airtight container. To use, wet hands slightly, scoop out the amount desired, and scrub into hands. Rinse well with warm water.

You may need to stir up the ingredients if they’ve been sitting for a little while.

Find a pretty container to package your scrub in, add a tag and ribbon, and you have a special, inexpensive handmade gift to give. I packaged mine in a vintage Avon moisturizer container that I thought would be pretty. However, a jelly jar, other upcycled container, or baby food jar would be good options too.

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