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Baby’s First Christmas Handprint Ornament

This ornament has been a tradition in my family since I was a baby. My grandmother made these for all of her grandchildren for their first Christmas. Now that I’m a Mom, she continued the tradition and made one for each of my kids when they were babies. Therefore, I didn’t make this OR come up with the idea, but I thought it was a great one to share with you all.

This particular one was done for Joseph, one of my twins. Basically, you trace your baby’s hand and transfer it to red felt. Cut out 2 and embroider the baby’s name and year in a contrasting color on one of the handprints. Hand-stitch the two together, stuffing with a little bit of poly-fil as you go.

Cute, easy, and a wonderful family tradition to pass on. Such a great keepsake too!

Gotta love those sweet little baby hands.

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