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How to Knit, Part 4:Casting Off

Today I’ll continue my little knitting series that I started several weeks ago. I still consider myself a beginner and have lots more to learn, but feel like I at least have the basics now. Hopefully if you’ve been following along, you haven’t felt like it’s the blind leading the blind! So far we’ve covered casting on, the knit stitch, the purl stitch, and today I’ll show you how to bind off, or cast off, the last row.

I did just a couple of rows as an example–you’re probably sick of seeing my teal blue yarn! So, if you have a piece you’re ready to finish, here’s how to go about it:

Knit two stitches onto your right needle. If you’ve been purling, the method is pretty much the same, just purl the stitches instead.

Slide the tip of the left needle under the bottom stitch on the right one, lifting it over the top stitch and off the needle.

You will now have one stitch on the right needle. Knit another stitch onto the right needle. Again, as before, slip the bottom stitch up and over the top one, sliding it off the right needle completely. Repeat over and over until you reach the end.

As (hopefully) you can see in my picture, this produces a nice finished edge to your piece.

Happy Knitting!


5 thoughts on “How to Knit, Part 4:Casting Off”

  1. I am a knitter, and found your series to be very good. My Mom taught me at a very early age. So I grew up with it, but if one hasn’t your series would be good. I’m always interested in promoting knitting. My fingers are crossed that you might post this series on my Sunday’s Best party. I sometimes feel knitting needs to be re-inspired and your post might just help.

  2. I have wanted to start knitting and these posts have been very helpful. Could you perhaps do a short turtorial about falling a pattern?? I think I can do it then I start to read a pattern and it seems so overwhelming and confusing. Thanks for your blog.

  3. You tutorial series is really good. I’ve been knitting for a long time and wish I add this as a reference when i began, but then I had my Momma!. Next time I have a hot chocolate I’ll have to make a snowman face, so cute. Thanks for sharing your inspiration at Sunday’s Best Party!

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