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Sip a Snowman Smile

Do your kids ever get on a “kick” with something, where they want that specific thing nearly every day? I know mine do. We’ve had our yogurt kick, our Spaghetti-O’s kick, our Ramen noodle kick, and many others over the years. Right now they are on a hot chocolate kick, where they want hot chocolate as a bedtime snack or if they are coming in from playing outside in the cold. Well, I decided to give our hot chocolate a cute little boost when I saw a similar idea in Family Fun magazine this week.

A fun snowman smile to top it off!

It was super easy to do.

Take a basic cup of hot chocolate…

Swirl some whipped cream around to cover the top (I used Reddi Whip)…

Use an orange M & M for the nose and chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth.  You now have a snowman smiling back at ya.

Sip and enjoy!

Hope you’re keeping warm,


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