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I’m Stuck On You, Valentine

I have a couple of cute kids’ Valentine ideas that I want to do this year, and this is the first one I’ll share with you. The inspiration for it came from this stamp, which I got from the $1 stamp section at Michael’s.

Being close to several stores that sell items in bulk has its advantages! I scored this bag of little colored gumballs for a couple of bucks, thinking that it would make the perfect complement to my gumball stamp. I also used some cardstock, red ink, and small cello bags that I already had on hand.

To make the Valentine, all I really had to do was stamp the image onto a strip of cardstock that was the same width as the bags, put a number of gumballs in the bag, then folded the cardstock in half and stapled it along the sides to attach it to the top of the bag.

They turned out pretty sweet, and they were quite easy too. In fact, I knocked out about 25 of these in less than half an hour (with little helpers, at that!).

In addition to the gumball stamp, for some of them I also used another $1 Michael’s stamp that I thought was too cute.

The caption reads “I’m stuck on you!”

So, now I have one kids’ class done, a few more to go! Usually I get these done if we have a snow day, but with the mild winter we’re having, that hasn’t happened yet. More Valentine’s ideas to come!

Hope you have a sweet day, Rachel

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