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One Hour Skirt Tutorial

When I was making my cloth napkins in the previous post, I realized that I had a decent amount of one of my favorite fabrics still ready to be used for some kind of project. I’m not much for following a set pattern, so I ran through several ideas in my head. Why not a skirt? I’ve made a couple already for my daughter, so I didn’t think I could mess it up too bad and waste my pretty fabric. Oh, and wouldn’t it be fun to make one of the accent colors sort of peek out from the bottom?

I apologize in advance if my directions aren’t that specific or I didn’t list actual measurements. As I mentioned before, I’m not big on following patterns.

So, first things first. Pick out a fabric, fold in half, and lay out a skirt in the size you want on top of it. Line up one side with where the far edge of the skirt hits it.

Cut along the opposite side with where the other outer side of the skirt hits it, cutting in a vertical line.

You should now have 2 rectangles of this fabric, which will make up the main body of the skirt.

For the bottom accent portion, I cut out two long rectangles which were the width of the main rectangles. They are a little more than double the height of how much I want to show at the bottom of the skirt.

Fold these two long pieces lengthwise and press. Fold down the raw edges 1/4″, then another 1/4″. Sew along this seam to hide the raw edges.

Now, taking each main body piece, press in 1/4″, than another 1/4″ along what will be the bottom edge. Sew along this edge, using a coordinating thread color.

Line up and pin each accent piece to the bottom edge you just hemmed. Make sure it is straight and even, matching up both sides of the skirt. This is important so that when you sew the two halves of the skirt together, everything is evenly matched. Sew along this line to join the accent piece to the main piece for both sides. I sewed about 4 lines for extra embellishment at the bottom.

Now it’s time to join the two main pieces together. Place them with right sides facing and sew along each edge. I don’t own a serger, so I also did a small zigzag stitch as well.

Almost done! Next we want to make a casing for an elastic waist. With skirt still inside out, fold the top edge in 1/4″, then in about another 1″. Sew along this line the whole way around, leaving 1-2″ open.

Using a bodkin or big safety pin, thread elastic entirely through the casing you just made. Overlap the two ends of elastic and sew together, backstitching several times to ensure that it will hold well. Sew the 1-2″ portion of waistband that you had left open previously.

Turn right-side out and you are done!


4 thoughts on “One Hour Skirt Tutorial”

  1. What a cute skirt! I just bought some fabric just like that a little while ago. I’m going to cover a pillow with it. I think I’m going to go with a red accent color. Love the skirt!

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