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Purplicious Wreath

I actually made this wreath quite awhile back, but just hung it on my front door within the past week. With less than a month of official winter to go, and with an almost balmy feel to the air today, I may have spring fever!

The mix of purples that I used just get me in the mood for spring-like weather and I couldn’t resist. ย Here’s a quick how-to if you want to make something similar:

-Choose a foam or straw wreath form and a basic yarn in the color you want.

-With a generous dot of hot glue to hold one end of yarn in place, wrap yarn continuously around the wreath form. Just a word of warning–this does take some time and patience! Try to cover the entire surface of the wreath as best you can.

-Embellish however you wish. I mostly used felt flowers, which I’ll briefly explain how to make…

Cut a long strip of felt and fold in half lengthwise. Run a line of hot glue down the "open" end to seal.
Using sharp scissors, cut through both layers, leaving a little bit together at the end where you just glued. You will cut slits down the entire length of the felt.
Roll up the entire way, gluing as you roll. Try to keep the bottom as flat as possible. You should now have a pretty felt flower to use.

That’s pretty much it. There’s tons of possibilities for prettying up these yarn-wrapped wreaths. Pinterest is a great source for ideas and inspiration for these (and many other things). Yep, I have a little bit of a problem when it comes to Pinterest, and I know I’m not the only one!!

26 thoughts on “Purplicious Wreath”

  1. Your puplicious wreath caught my eye over at Whipperberry, love it! Thanks for the info on how to make the flowers, easier than I thought it would be. I’ll have to give it a try. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m lovin’ this wreath!!! I actually just finished a purple yarn wreath and have been trying to decide on which type of flower to “adorn” it with… thanks for the quick tutorial!

  3. Love the Purple Wreath! But I’m VERY interested it the “Welcome” sign on the door behind it. Do you have a tutorial on that as well??

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