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Paper Bag Wedding Favors

Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy making a whole bunch of one type of thing. We’re about beyond this stage now, but for a number of years we had lots of wedding and baby showers going on in our lives. In that time, I got hit up many times to make the favors for whatever the function was and liked coming up with different ideas for each one. I enjoy being creative and I also enjoy mass producing things, so I guess it’s a good match. Well, we actually do have a wedding shower for my husband’s co-worker coming up, and I was approached to do the favors. Now, notice I didn’t call it a bridal shower–that’s because there are going to be an equal amount of men and women there. Here’s what I came up with as a non “girly” looking favor, which we are going to fill with candy.

As you can see, it’s made from a simple brown paper bag. To make it, all I did was cut about 2″ off of the top and used a fancy edge punch along the top to make the lacy design. After that I stamped the engaged couples’ initials on the front of the bag using these awesome alphabet stamps I discovered in an antique store. (They came as a complete set, upper and lower case, in a wooden box and used for sign-making. Such a cool find!)

When I had stamped them all, I folded down the top of the bag, punched 2 holes, and threaded a string through, making a bow to finish it off.

Nothing fancy or frilly here. But I rather like how they turned out.

A simple, easy, and non-costly favor. I had to make 75 and they really didn’t take terribly long. My recommendation for anyone making a large amount of the same thing is to do all of one step at the same time. For example, I did all the cutting first. Then the edge-punch, then the letter “d”, then the “&”, and so on.

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6 thoughts on “Paper Bag Wedding Favors”

  1. Hi! Just stopped in from Tip Junkie. These turned out so cute… I can’t believe you found those stamps at an antique shop, what a great find! Nice to “meet” you:) -Kristi

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