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Tips for Line-Drying Laundry

Today’s post is all about laundry. In the past, I have shared how I’ve saved a bundle making my own laundry detergent and how I enjoy hanging mine out to dry instead of using my dryer. Today I’ll give you some reasons why line-drying is beneficial as well as some useful tips for those of you who line-dry your clothes, or would like to try it out.

Reasons to Line Dry Your Laundry
1. Saves Energy– Hanging out your wash is a simple and green way to reduce energy waste.
2. Saves Money-Not using your dryer regularly can make a nice reduction in your electric bill.
3. Reduces Wear on Clothes– Do you ever notice how much lint is collected after running your dryer? That’s all stuff being worn off of the fabric of your clothing. Allowing your clothes to air dry will lengthen the lifespan of most clothing items.
4. Kills Germs– Sunshine can be a wonderful thing. When it comes to laundry, it has antibacterial qualities, effectively killing off germs.
5. Freshness– There’s nothing like the smell of laundry that has been blowing out in the breeze and sunshine all day. As far as I’m concerned, no store-bought product can really mimic it.
6. Physical Activity– Sure, it’s not like going for some intense running or training session, but hanging everything out does use up some muscle and energy. Hey, every little bit counts, right?
7. Soothing– You may think this sounds weird, but I find hanging out laundry to be very soothing and almost relaxing. I’m usually able to at least sort of tune out my family during the time it takes to do this. Believe me, being out in the fresh air and sunshine is good for people too!!

Tips For Line-Drying Laundry
Shake your clothing pieces out right before hanging. This will help reduce wrinkles.
Hang shirts by their bottom hem. Doing so keeps them from getting pulled out and weird-looking at the shoulders.
Avoid overlapping items. Try to hang everything so it’s just a single thickness, if possible.
-For larger or heavier items, use more than 2 clothespins to keep it from sagging. Or from blowing off if it is a really windy day!
Watch the weather. Believe me, it is so frustrating to hang everything out only to have it not dry properly or have them rained on! Before hanging, make sure the whole day looks decent for hanging.
Start your wash early. If you plan on hanging multiple loads in a day, start washing early enough so you can get everything out in good time. This is especially important if you have somewhere to go in the morning. Get it out before leaving the house!
Plan wash on fair weather days. I have actually been doing this a lot lately. I’ve been saving up my loads for good clothes-drying days to reduce my dryer use.
Fluff in the dryer-If you do not like that “crispy” feel air-drying can give jeans or towels, just throw them in the dryer for maybe 5 minutes to fluff them.
Pair socks as you hang– This may save you time later. Pair them up and hang both by one corner with a clothespin.
Hang in order– This is one I made up, but I swear it saves me time! If I’m being thoughtful about it, I hang the clothing out in age order. For example, I hang all my husband’s clothes, then mine, then our oldest son’s, and so on.
Fold as you take down– If I follow the step above, I fold as I go and it’s already sorted and ready to put away!!

11 thoughts on “Tips for Line-Drying Laundry”

  1. Great post Rachel! I couldn’t agree more!! I absolutely LOVE hanging out laundry. I always fluff-dry in the dryer for 5 minutes to save ironing. Love the fresh scent; love the outdoor activity!!’. And love watching the laundry flap in the breeze. Thanks for posting about my favorite “household” task.

  2. I love to hang out my laundry. I just love the time out in the air. We do cloth diapers, and I can definitely tell when they are fresher because they’ve been line dried. Do you find that sometimes you get some bleaching going on of colors? I hang my socks like that too. I thought it was just my imagination that made that a good idea.

  3. Love this post! I’m a life long laundry hanger outer (my momma never owned a dryer and would “hang” clothes in the house if the weather was bad, lol). One tip I learned from her is to stop the washer before the spin cycle is totally complete. Hanging out the clothes when they are a little wetter/heavier leaves them almost wrinkle free when they dry. Another way to save a bit of energy.

  4. I have found that if you throw jeans in the dryer for 10 minutes before line drying it usually eliminates the need for them to fluff in the dryer afterwards… This is a big deal for me as my laundry is in the basement, and drying rack is up a flight of stairs.

  5. Yay! I love to see so many people hang in order too, makes me feel less OCD! 🙂 Might as well get some of that sorting out of the way… I like this chore less when the mosquitoes are out, ah Virginia. However, one year we had a luna moth on my son’s red shirt. He has become interested in hanging laundry ever since! Thanks for hte fun post!

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