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My Favorite Things: Sewing Tools

I haven’t sewed a whole lot lately, but I get on different kicks of making things, so I’m sure I’ll be back at it soon. Today I’m sharing with you my favorite sewing tools and what I deem to be necessities when you learn to sew. I’ll preface this by stating that I am not an expert and in fact taught myself how to sew a few short years ago. In fact, I’m still learning as I go and have a lot more to learn.

I’ll put the obvious one on the list first. I love my Singer Stylist sewing machine. However, I started out on a very basic, cheap Singer model and worked my way up to this model, which has lots of fun decorative stitches and just works a lot better.

A seam ripper. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used this handy tool to undo some of my mistakes. If you’re just learning to sew, you will mess up, but experience is the best teacher sometimes. Luckily this little baby can help you redeem yourself.

Good fabric scissors. My best friend did me a great favor by giving me a pair of Gingher scissors one year for Christmas. They are awesome!

Embroidery scissors. These are small, sharp scissors that are perfect for trimming little threads. I use mine all the time.

Sewing pins and pincushion.

Rotary cutter and mat. These aren’t absolute necessities, but they are quite helpful. After sewing for awhile, I purchased a set that came with the cutter, self-healing mat, and clear plastic ruler. I promptly cut my finger on the rotary tool. (This should not surprise some of you.) So yes, they are awfully sharp. But they do a great job and having the measurements laid out on the mat is a lifesaver.

Iron and ironing board. I’ll freely admit it–I don’t normally iron. At all. Except when I’m sewing something, then I find that it makes everything that much nicer. When I am being a lazy sewer and don’t press as I go, I notice a big difference. The iron I use is ancient, so I should probably invest in a better one, but for now it gets the job done.

Well, that’s it for now. There’s more things I could put on this list, but those are the basics. If you’re an experienced seamstress, you may be nodding in agreement with some of these or have your own preferences. However, if you’ve never sewed a stitch in your life and would like to learn, please don’t be intimidated. I bought my first basic machine right after I turned 30 and didn’t even know how to wind the bobbin. Seriously, I had to watch the little instructional DVD that came with it to learn all the basics. Some of my first projects were pretty laughable, but hey, we all have to start somewhere. Fortunately I’ve gotten a lot better since then but still have a long way to go. To me, sewing is a creative outlet and has come in pretty useful since I’ve learned.

Oh, and before I sign off, Happy St. Patricks Day! (It’s also my best friend’s birthday, so Happy Birthday Melissa!)


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