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An Interview with Joseph & Joshua

Our family hits a huge milestone this week. My favorite little duo is turning 5 years old.

Joseph, aka Joey or just plain Joe.

How in the world did the last of my babies get to be this old already? Crazy! Anyhow, in part of celebrating their big birthday, I thought it would be fun to interview them and see what they tell me. (Oh, how I love to hear kids’ perspectives on things!) I sat down with a pen and notepad while they were playing Legos this week, and here’s what they had to say…

Me: You know, your birthday is on Thursday and you’re going to be 5. Do you like being big boys?

Joe: Yup.

Josh: Yes.

Me: What do you like about being big boys?

Joe: Because we love brushing our teeth by ourselves. (This is the same child who insisted that Mommy brush his teeth the other night and acted helpless, saying he was still like a baby.)

Josh: Because I love you.

Joshua, aka Josh, cheesing it up for the camera.

Me: Well, what do you love about me?

Josh: I don’t know.

Joe: That you make us what we want to eat.

Me: So guys, what do you love about Daddy?

Joe: That he plays dragon fight with me. (“Dragon fight” is the favorite evening game of the moment where they take turns pummeling and jumping on my husband. )

Josh: Yeah, just dragon fights.

Me: Do you like preschool?

Both: Yes!

Me: What is your favorite thing to do in preschool?

Joe: Just playing.

Me: Well, what is your favorite thing to play with there?

Joe: Playing with firetrucks.

Josh: I like doing papers.

Me: Okay, I have another question for you. What is your favorite food?

Joe: My favorite food is spaghetti-o’s with meatballs.

Josh: Hmmm……Uhhhh….I think spaghetti-o’s with meatballs.

Me: Do you two like being twins?

Both: Yes.

Me: Joe, what do you like best about Josh?

Joe: Playing fighter rocket. (I have no idea what that is, but they have all kinds of crazy made-up games they do)

Me: Josh, is there anything you like best about Joey?

Josh: I don’t have any. (At this point he has the “I wish you would get this over with” look on his face, so I didn’t push it)

Me: What is your favorite movie?

Josh: Diego! (whispers to his brother, “Say Diego.” Diego is their current favorite movie as they suckered Grandma into buying them a Diego DVD this past weekend.)

Joe: I love Diego.

Me: What kind of cake should I make you for your birthday?

Joe: Umm…I think chocolate.

Josh: Vanilla….or maybe I mean chocolate.

Me: Okay boys, I only have one more question for you. Can you handle that?

Both: Yes.

Me: Tell me what did you two do when you were babies?

Josh: Well, we put food on the conveyer belt in your belly.

Me: (Laughing) What???

Joe: Yeah, because we were workers in your belly. We worked a lot. (They have lots of colorful stories about when they were in my belly.)

Josh: Yeah, me and Joey were afraid that the food wouldn’t come down to us, so we made sure it did. We were worker men.

Me: I mean, like when you were little babies, not in my belly anymore. Did you cry or anything like that?

Josh: Yeah, I think we cried some.

Joe: And we pooped in our diapers. (I’m shocked that the word poop hasn’t come up until now. Right now they love potty humor or discussing bodily functions.)

Me: Yup, you both cried and pooped. A lot. (They did!) That’s all the questions for now. Thanks guys.

Josh: Can we watch Diego now?

***End of interview***

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