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10 Alternative Uses for Coffee Filters

Besides serving their obvious purpose, coffee filters can be used in many ways. Some purposes are ones that I already knew about and some I discovered just recently. Here’s a practical list of ways that you can use a package of coffee filters:

1. Instead of using paper towels, use coffee filters to help wash windows, mirrors, or screens. They are lint-free!

2. When putting away your Christmas ornaments, wrap each one in a filter to protect them from breakage.

3. Line the bottom of your flowerpots with a coffee filter so that when you water the plant, soil doesn’t fall through the drainage hole.

4. Make an easy-breezy air freshener by placing some baking soda in a coffee filter and tying it up.

5. Instead of using paper plates, serve up snacks in a coffee filter. It is great at keeping things like popcorn, chips, etc. contained. (I can definitely testify to how great this tip works. I have used these to serve up snacks to children many times.)

6. Absorb grease from fried foods by blotting them or lining a pan or plate with a coffee filter.

7. Wrap messy foods like tacos and hot dogs with a coffee filter to keep your fingers clean and the mess contained.

8. Place filters in between cast iron skillets to prevent rust.

9. On the same note, place coffee filters in between stacked pans. Or, better yet, in between dishes to prevent pieces from banging together and breaking.

10. To prevent messy splatter when reheating something in the microwave, place a filter over top of the plate or bowl you are using.

Or, my favorite use for filters–brew coffee 🙂

9 thoughts on “10 Alternative Uses for Coffee Filters”

  1. So many great ideas! You’re being featured tonight! Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!

  2. I’ve been using coffee filters for flowerpots for years! Will definitely put some of the other ideas to use. Thanks for the great tips.

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