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Kids’ Birthday Gift Baskets

Looking for kids birthday gift ideas?

Here’s a quick and easy idea that will work for either a boy or a girl, and can be adapted to any age. We have had loads of birthdays lately, including two kid parties to attend last weekend. This has been my go-to gift for almost any kid. I have been known to give some version of this “snack basket” for the last few years. Let’s face it–most kids we know don’t need a single new toy and usually have plenty of clothing as well. Most parents I know really aren’t crazy about receiving more toys or other such things to clutter up their homes.

Here are examples of what I gave out just last weekend:

The green and blue one was given to a boy and the yellow and red was given to a girl.

Basically I pick out a container of some sort that can be reused. Then I fill it with snack packs, juice boxes, and little treats.

I also sometimes throw in a couple of $1 items from the dollar section of Target, Michael’s, etc. Usually I have a stash of these in our gift supply box.

Easy to put together (even at the last minute!) and easy on the wallet as well.

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