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Twisted Headband Tutorial

So I happened to mention in my last post that I don’t color my hair because I mostly like my natural color. However, my hair and I do have an almost daily battle due to how crazy-thick it is. I call it “taming the mane.” Believe me, if it is not tamed down, it has a whole other life of its own. It’s ridiculous! Each time I go for a haircut I get it thinned out an insane amount and whatever poor hairdresser has me assures me that it is still thicker than most peoples’. (I know all you thin-hair people are all groaning at me, but us thick-hair people can tell you it can be such a pain!) Anyway, enough about my hair already. What I really wanted to share today is something I made to help tame my crazy mane:

I fell in love with a couple of twisted style headbands I discovered on Pinterest and tried to replicate them. The pink print one is made from an old scarf and the black and white one is made of knit material that I had in my fabric stash. I took pics of how I made the pink one.

In this case I took a long lightweight scarf I was no longer using for that purpose and cut it in half. For the black and white headband I used two long pieces of fabric (maybe 4″ by 20″?) and sewed them into 2 long tubes.

Then I folded each in half again and intertwined them so there is one twist in the center.

To join the two pieces I measured my head and overlapped the ends so that they would fit around securely without being too tight (A problem I have with other headbands sometimes.) Then I sewed the two ends together, backstitching across the width for extra hold.

My favorite kind of project–quick, easy, cute, and practical. I may be making more of these in other colors.

I have to admit that while I love the pink, the knit material of the black and white is more comfy to wear. So, if I I make more, I would probably use another knit material that has a little stretch to it.

Note to self (and others): It’s a little awkward to take pictures of the top of your own head.

2 thoughts on “Twisted Headband Tutorial”

  1. Those turned out really well! I’m a middle-of-the-road kinda hair girl. The one that’s not straight but not curly- just kinda messy? I know what you mean about Taming the main. I wear glasses a lot, do these sit back far enough on your head not to bother the glasses? Oh! and if you have the time, I’d love for you to share on Sweet Sharing Monday!

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