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Why I Shop at the Bent and Dent Store

There’s an absolute gem of a grocery store a mere 15 minutes away from me. It seems that everyone in our area has heard of it and has a strong opinion about it. They either love it and shop there frequently or they can’t bring themselves to shop there for whatever reason. I fall into the first category and swear by it to help keep our grocery bill low, shopping there at least twice a month. Actually, I usually leave with a cartload of goods and rarely spend over $50.

Sound too good to be true? Wonder why others can’t bring themselves to shop there? It’s what I would call a “bent and dent” store, or maybe it’s classified as a grocery “salvage” store. Packaging that is dented or not in mint condition, items that are out of date, and other such issues are why these groceries are going so cheaply. I personally don’t have a problem with most of that stuff and my family has never gotten ill or had really any quality issues with the products. As you can tell, I am not a super picky person and am not put off by a dented box or can, or even something that just hit its expiration or sell-by date. Here’s an example of a shopping trip I made there just last week, spending just under $45 for the following items:

1 dozen eggs

1 pkg. cream cheese

1 box Special K crackers

2 Lg bags kettle corn

3 boxes Barilla pasta

1-8 pk Motts for Tots juice

2-10 pks Capri Sun juice pouches ($1 a box)

1 bottle Wish Bone dressing

2-6 pks Motts Berry Applesauce

1 Lg can crushed pineapple

2 cans cranberry relish

2-6 oz packs Ocean Spray craisins

1-3 lb bag onions

1 pk oyster crackers

5 packs Kool Aid

1 bottle Balsamic vinegar

1 bottle White Tea

1-4 pk Izze sparkling juice

1 bottle Suave for Kids shampoo

1-4 pk Softsoap bar soap

1 hand sanitizer spray

3-20 oz bottles juice

1 Motts Plus apple juice

1 Juicy Juice

1 3 Lt Ocean Spray Juice

1-5 lb bag flour ($1!)

4 cans Spaghetti-O’s

2 loaves bread (99 cents each)

1 pkg Chips Ahoy cookies

1 pk Lance Peanut Butter crackers

2-2 Qt cartons Dole juice

1 Lg box Cheez-its

2-1 lb bags noodles

1-12 pk Austin Peanut Butter crackers

Whew! I know I would have spent at least double what I did at any other store, even if I did use coupons. As you can see, this specific trip was heavy on the juices and packaged snacks, mostly because I was almost out of lunchbox items and snacks to take to kid events. The inventory there is always changing, but you can usually find some of the same items each time. They also have some pretty off-brand and oddball items, so it’s sort of like a treasure hunt when I go. I’m not sure if you have a store like this in your neck of the woods, but if you do, it’s worth trying out.

3 thoughts on “Why I Shop at the Bent and Dent Store”

  1. We have shopped at them before. There’s nothing wrong with a dented can if it looks intact, not rusted, etc. Sometimes they have short expiration dates which, for canned items isn’t really set in stone anyway, they last years. It can be quite a savings. The one by us is OK but you’d have to supplement with it.

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