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Painted Bobby Pins and Barrettes

This DIY idea is so simple that once I saw it I had to try it. I first saw it on Pinterest, then on Lines Across blog.

Who knew you could take fun colored nail polish and spruce up plain old bobby pins?

I sure didn’t.

I tried it out, then took it a step further and painted some plain silver snap clips as well.

Here’s the almost laughably easy process. Anyone can do this–yes, even you who claim you’re not crafty.

Bust out your Sally Hansen, Revlon, Wet ‘n Wild, or whatever nail polish you want to use. Even the really cheap stuff worked for me.

Line up your bobby pins or snap clips. I attached mine to the card the bobby pins came on to hold in place. Then, just paint it on like you would your nails. As you can see, you definitely want something underneath as it can be a bit messy. I ended up using two coats for each color. It didn’t take really long for them to dry.

The result? Cute new pins and barrettes for my little girl (and me!) to wear this summer.

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