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Nautical Striped Pillow & Bag

I have a navy and white bedroom which I adore. However, I had a throw pillow on our bed which was getting a little worn and tired looking.

So, a couple months ago I dug out this awesome fabric I scooped up at Goodwill and gave it a crisp update.

I had plenty of this striped fabric left over, so while I was in the mode I sewed up this pretty tote bag, lining it with denim.

Since I like little pops of red with my navy and white, I added a little decorative stitching along the top as well.

All in all, I was pleased with my new navy and white striped goods. It pays to shop at Goodwill 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures as I was making them or right afterwards, so no tutorials this time around. Also, these are what they look like a couple months after they’ve been made, so they’ve been well-loved already. The pillow has been used in making forts and by little boys as a weapon and the bag has been hauled to school a couple days by a 7 year old and by me for several occasions.

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