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10 Fun Uses for Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are everywhere this time of year and are usually sold pretty cheaply. Here’s a list of fun and creative ways you can use pool noodles outside of the pool this summer:

Use coordinating colors to make a fun headboard for a kids’ room.
This is a cheaper alternative to buying wreath forms–bend pool noodles into a circle and tape securely. From
Cut slices of pool noodles to make big beads for little ones to lace. From
Use slices for painting pictures. From
Tape a bunch of circled pool noodles together for a backyard obstacle course. From
My little boys would love this idea since they already use noodles as pretend swords–fashion light sabers out of lengths of noodle. From
A fun idea for a summer party! Give each child a noodle and set them loose with a number of balloons to try and get into a goal or basket.
This is one of my favorite ideas. Cut noodles in half lengthwise and make racetracks for matchbox cars and such. Found at
Use chunks of noodle along with toothpicks or golf tees to make your own silly creatures. Idea from
Set up as arches in your yard as hurdles, to kick balls through, or as a giant croquet game. Also from

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