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Pops of Pink Desk Makeover

So I’ve been working on this project off and on for the last week. Actually, my best friend gave me this sweet desk back in the winter and it’s been sitting in my garage, just waiting for a little TLC. She has 2 boys and thought it was too girly for them, so I inherited this cutie for my daughter.

I loved the design of this desk and thought I could spruce it up a bit. Here’s what it looks like now:

The whole thing cost me about $4 to re-do since I mostly used up materials that I had on hand already.

The first thing I did was to clean it up and spray paint the exterior and interior white. I don’t have a picture of this part, but I also painted the back this hot pink color. I wanted a nice pop of pink on the inside, so I just painted the one little section on the inside a matching hot pink using a sample can that I had around.

Since I especially love the little cubbyholes in this desk, I thought a little Mod Podge and printed paper may be the ticket to dressing them up. I measured the size of the holes, cut out the paper to size, and Mod Podged it to the bottom part of the cubbies.

I thought a little curtain of some kind may be the way to add some cuteness to the bottom portion of the desk. Digging through my fabric stash yielded this cute floral print that I’ve been wanting to use somewhere.

Sewing up a basic panel to cover that part was a snap, so all I had to do was put it on a small tension rod to hold it in place. This was the only item I actually had to buy and cost about $4.

As you can see, my daughter already put some books on the shelf that the curtain hides. It sort of gave me a chuckle to see that she put Hardy Boys books in there. A little bit of a contrast to the whole girly girl look of the desk, isn’t it? Oh well, she does have 4 brothers.

Her My Little Pony collection is now residing on that hot pink shelf. Too cute.

Not too shabby for 4 bucks.

Have a great week everyone!


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