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10 Cool Homemade Popsicle Recipes

One more day of school left in our neck of the woods. I’m kind of ready for my gang to be out and to be able to do fun things with them this summer. I know one thing we’ll be doing–eating lots of popsicles! Looking up some homemade popsicle recipes, I decided to do a compiled list of ones I’d like to try. Enjoy!

This Peaches & Cream recipe, based on yogurt, is found here.

Looking ever so berrylicious, check out this link for the directions to make Raspberry Coconut Popsicles.

My fellow Nutella lovers can get their fix with this fab Nutella Popsicle recipe. I can’t wait to try this one out!

This Honeydew Popsicle recipe uses just 3 simple ingredients and looks very refreshing.

How pretty are these 3-layer Berry Yogurt pops? Find the extremely waistline-friendly recipe for these here.

These would be perfect for me to make this week as strawberries are in abundance right now around here. Check out this awesome blog to find the recipe.

One of the more unique recipes I discovered, this one features “ice candy,” similar to what I would call a freeze pop (just a lot prettier and cooler looking).

Looking at these popsicles makes me long for blueberries to come into season! Check here to get the recipe for  Lemon-Lime & Blueberry pops, plus a couple of other fun popsicle ideas. Yum.

These are just plain gorgeous. Sort of like a great fruit salad pressed into a popsicle mold. Check out for the instructions.

Not quite as all-natural as some of the other recipes, this one has a Jello base. You can find out how to make these pretty 3-layered Watermelon Pops right here.

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