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Homemade Fabric Softener

I can’t believe I haven’t tried this out before. As some of you already may have read here before, I’ve made my own laundry detergent and haven’t had to buy any for the past 2 years. I honestly still get a bit of sticker shock whenever I happen to see detergent at a store and peek at the price. However, another thing sometimes gives me sticker shock as well–the price of fabric softeners. I hadn’t bought any in some time and had a coupon for one of the newer kinds. Once I got to the store, I priced it out and discovered it was still way more than I was willing to pay for what would be probably a month’s worth of laundry loads for our family. So, I thought the DIY version was worth a try, especially to the tune of @$1 a pop.

The recipe really is super easy and took me maybe 5 minutes or so to whip up.

All you need is the following ingredients: 6 cups of hot water, 3 cups of white vinegar, and 2 cups of hair conditioner.

I got out a big mixing bowl and added the hot water first. Then I squirted the conditioner in, mixing it until well dissolved. Lastly I added the vinegar and mixed that in well too.

Place in a bottle or recycled container of some sort. (I ended up putting mine in a washed out milk jug.) This ends up making well over half a gallon of fabric softener!

To make this even more cost-effective, use a cheap conditioner, just make sure you pick one that smells good to you.

15 thoughts on “Homemade Fabric Softener”

  1. I’m so going to try this! I was just thinking about starting to use some fabric softener because my clothes are so stiff when hanging on the line to dry. Thanks for this information!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Have been wanting to stop using the commercial brand for years but was unhappy with just vinegar or vinegar/essential oil. Yippee! Thank you!

    1. Back again to say how happy I am with this recipe. It works even better than the commercial brand for me. It’s a great addition to my homemade household cleaning products and I can’t see me ever going back to store-bought.

  3. This is a great recipe but you neglected instructions for use. Could you please let us know how much per load and is there a way to use it in the dryer?

      1. I sometimes dampen a small rag ( about 2 in sq made from an old raggedy towel) with the homemade softener and throw it in the dryer. Works great!

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