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Around the World

I had a really great find lately at an antique store. This awesomely detailed world map caught my eye.

Hand embroidered on linen, framed, and with a 1929 signature.

It now resides in my boys’ bedroom, making a really cool addition to their room decor.

I especially loved the little details sewn in, like this elephant and Taj Mahal embroidered over India.

This dogsled team and igloo is one of my favorite features.

So many loving details. I can’t imagine how long this took someone to make.

All in all, I’m pleased as punch about my new world map.

7 thoughts on “Around the World”

  1. Extraordinary, incredible !!!!!
    Sorry for my direct question ? I’m very impressed and stunnish (? Étonné in french)
    Where do you found this work in America ?
    Some Explanation :
    I’m searching today on the net a old world map of 1929 to describe the world cruise of my luxemburgian grand father: the artist Foni Tissen (1909-1975) who was in 1928-1929 in The crew on the boat “SS Belgenland” (The boat in The middle of the textile in Pacific Ocean with 3 Cheminy). And i open your picture linked with your site.
    Since the death in 2008 of my mother (1st daughter of f. Tissen), i classify the family archiv and I found some photography, pictures and Letters of the “World Cruise”. About it, my mother told to my brother and me that when his father was coming back in 1930, her mother said that he had a ukulele of Honolulu, a real monkey of Bombay(india) on his shoulters who was alive 3 years, two Porcelan Tea Service from Shanghai (China ), a textile with silk with a World Map from Yokohama – Kamakura (Japan), an osiris Egyptian Statue of Cairo (Egypt), a Little “ancestors statuette” of New-Guinea from Batavia (today Jakarta) Java Island.. After the injuries of the second world war some of this objects were give like gifts to americans yankees (liberators of our Country). You Understand my special Emotion… Perhaps this textile was made in Series in yokohama harbor in Japan for The Tourist of The Belgenland World Cruise ?, Or it was a Special unique command ? They were Staying in Yokohama between 24-31 january… Before Leaving to Kobe (Japan) and Chang Wong (Korea) and Hong Kong.

    I Hope that my Bad english is enough comprehensible, i Apologize me, Sorry for all mistake (french and luxemburgian were my mother Language).

    If it is possible in the future (no stress with Organisation of Christmas holidays) to have a Good picture/ Scan by mail of the textil for our Family Archivs, i will be very Kind of you ?.

    If in some day/year, you are interesting to sale this textile, please contact us and Communicate what is your Price. We and our family are very “reconnaissants” to linked The memory with our next Family Generation.

    Sorry for disturbation
    A lot of Thanks in advance!!!

    Have a Merry Christmas / joyeux Noël !

    Best Regards and best Wisches for 2013
    Avec mes salutations distinguées et mes meilleurs Voeux pour 2013

    Le Brun-Ricalens Foni
    National Center of Archaeological Research (CNRA)
    241, Rue de Luxembourg
    L-8077 Bertrange
    Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg


    Private Adress

    40, Rue du Schiltzberg
    L -6171 Godbrange
    Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg


      1. Thanks a lot Rachel for your quick answer 🙂
        Sorry for my late reply, we were with our three childrens in my wife’s family in Germany for Christmas and a few days.

        When You find time, if you agree, I’m interesting by the size of this map. Have You some informations of the provenience ?eventually indicated on the back ? or the buyer have some informations of the origin of this textile ?

        Thanks in Advence for all

        Nice Christmas Holiday for your family

        Best wishes from Europe


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